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10 Key Roles in Software Development Team & Their Responsibilities

Here are the most common roles and responsibilities of each professional in a development team. By definition, a software development team is a group of professionals working together to achieve a common goal. Through collaboration and an efficient process, they need to develop software geared towards a target market.

The tech lead is responsible for overseeing any technical or hardware requirements not relating to the software development process itself. The business analyst is responsible for delivering the client’s commercial needs. That means they listen to the client’s business goals and help them define clear objectives. Then, they take these objectives and convert them into viable software solutions. They’re involved from the very beginning of the process, and connect the client’s needs with the realities of the project. They conduct market research, check out competitors and define target audiences.

How to Define the Software Development Requirements of Your Project

PM is also responsible for time management, risk management, and contingency management. The business analyst works closely with the product owner and project manager. As the ones overseeing all parts of the project from start to finish, they interact with all members of the team, as well as the client and stakeholders. That said, the business analyst interacts more with the client, while the project manager focuses more on the team. Front-end developers are the point of contact between the end client (user) and the delivered business solution (a system undergoing implementation). Such a person must, on the one hand, provide the best possible application reception by the user (interface responsiveness, content clarity).

software development team roles and responsibilities

However, given that Subject Matter Experts tend not to be technical the right amount and type of engagement are necessary so as not to overwhelm them. One of the ways to get them involved is to have them contribute to the creation of early-stage wireframes and prototypes. The Project Sponsor may also be involved in other important issues such as authorising changes in scope, phase-end reviews, and go/no-go decisions when the stakes of the project are particularly high. Project sponsors have the bandwidth to take on the Project Sponsor role, their day job and no other project role, therefore Project Sponsors are not Project Managers, Scrum Masters or Product Owners. Software projects can only move forward when the key stakeholders are all in place.

Test automation engineer

In software development, the primary objective of testing is to methodically pinpoint any flaws or issues that may exist within a software application. Testing enables developers to uncover and rectify these imperfections, ensuring that the software functions smoothly and aligns with the predefined requirements and expectations. At first glance, you may think the “development team” means engineers. According to the Scrum Guide, the development team can be comprised of all kinds of people including designers, writers, programmers, etc. In projects by scrum, this role is called a scrum master – we will discuss it in more detail later. A product owner also closely collaborates with UX/UI designers and is the one who approves their ideas and suggestions.

software development team roles and responsibilities

Naturally, a product owner joins the project from the very beginning and closely monitors it throughout the development process. QA team members monitor all phases of the software development process, from design, through coding, to delivery. Their job is to ensure the proper software quality in order to meet the requirements. To do that, they create standards to follow, implement tests, analyze and communicate results, and suggest improvements. The main responsibility of the UI/UX designer is to create a visually interesting interface and ensure great user experience.

The scrum master: Holding it all together

Syberry’s team was highly responsive and communicative, managing our project smoothly, responding immediately to any issues that arose, and delivering great software at a reasonable price. Developers are like translators who translate human language and the language of graphics into the language of digital technologies that computers and devices can understand. As the ones in charge, team leads interact with all members of the IT project. Full-stack developers have broader, but less in-depth, knowledge of front and back-end programming languages. They need strong number skills, as they interpret data to back up their decisions.

software development team roles and responsibilities

The best way to reduce the cost of the software development team is
to hire only those experts that you definitely need. To ensure that in any case, the product will perform well 24/7, you need to
implement DevOps
in your software development team. They also estimate when it will require
upgrades, how much they will cost along with maintenance, how the product will
perform after upgrades, and so on. Testers or QA specialists might not be the most prominent part of team
structure in software engineering, but this doesn’t mean they
aren’t necessary. Behind every successful product, there are hours of
meticulous automated and manual testing focused on identifying and eliminating
all the bugs, starting as soon as the developers release the first working

Find a Remote Development Team You Can Trust

Software development team structures significantly impact entire projects, so hiring for the right tech roles is paramount to the team’s success. If you don’t choose the right structure for your project, your product may not attract the audience it deserves. What a BA enriches a product development team with is a profound understanding of business processes from various perspectives and the ability to shape up a software product that creates maximum business value. A business analyst may step in even before a software development team structure is defined and continue to bridge the gap between the customer and the team during later stages of development. A Software Development team has a great role to give life to any software application. A software team structure consists of various members from various fields having specific responsibilities.

  • In the Implementation (Coding) phase, software developers transform design ideas into code.
  • As a result, they may have difficulties handling projects that require specialized knowledge.
  • Speaking of Waterfall, it is a linear approach to the software development lifecycle (SDLC) that is quite familiar with the software engineering and product development aspects.
  • The Project Sponsor is the person or group that provides direction and resources, including financial resources for the software project.
  • In the software development team structure, BAs act as a liaison between a business model and the product being developed.
  • That’s why managers should properly organize their teams and reach a win-win team composition.

This mixture is usually the go-to structure for software development companies. They translate an abstract product idea into a set of tangible requirements. An effective software development management guarantees software development team roles and responsibilities the software output meets the users’ needs. Client participation in software development may result in products that address customer satisfaction, promoting positive feedback and keeping loyal customers.

Technology-specific engineers: ML, blockchain

Motivating the team and establishing communication among its members are also included in a scrum master’s duties. If you’re new to software development, you might not realize what each team member does when creating custom software. So, let’s read on to understand software development team roles and responsibilities.

Starting from the design and development to final delivery, in each stage the software project depends on the team. When the software development team will be better the outcome will be always the best. That is why besides a dev team, your software development team structure should have a technical lead. Technical leaders are usually senior engineers with a lot of practical experience in the information technology industry, which has a variety of languages and programming skills.

DevOps engineer

A perfect software architect can find an optimal technical solution that suits your product the best. Scrum product owners understand the customer and business requirements, then create and manage the product backlog based on those requirements. Since agile teams are, by design, flexible and responsive, it is the responsibility of the product owner to ensure that they are delivering the most value. The business is represented by the product owner who tells the development what is important to deliver.

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